-----------------------------------FIXES for RIGA-RIX---------------------------------
Always make sure to make a backup copy:

Riga-Rix - ILS 18 fix frq 111.1

More to come 


  1. It's not working for the users, which are not registered in Dropbox and don't want to be...

  2. Anonymous17:39

    link does not work

  3. Piotr22:41

    Now it works, thank you.

  4. Anonymous09:31

    Hello People!
    I'ts not possible to register in the Forum. (

    Registration-Process will hang up.

  5. Anonymous14:17

    I want to register in the evasim forum, but it is not possible. the registrationsprocess will hang up.

  6. Hello once again, Our Website is currently down. All of your problems please post in Visitor Book or mailto:
    Website and its forum going to be back within one week or so.
    Thanks for understanding.

  7. Please let me know which files are responsible for city of Riga, because I disabled some bgl files with word "city", but still some part of Riga is covered by your scenery. Currently I want to have the city generated by FTX.

    BTW: please let us know when can we expect the new updated version of RIX.

  8. Hi Martin. To enable City you need to delete EVRA_CITY_EXC.bgl if I remember this right. At the moment I got rid of most of the scenery files due to FIXes and Im heavily workin on it so Riga can be back in store as soon as possible.. I will Inform everyone 2 days before Riga is Back on the shelves of Simmarket.
    Forest - Fixed and replaced with autogen
    Crash - Fixed
    ILS - Fixed
    Heading for those who experiencing misalignment - Visit and install
    Default Afcad is about to be replaced with custom new layout. (Shape and Markings are ready so matter of texturing only left).
    Dont know.. About Week as I mentioned this before..
    Everything will be tested again with members of Vatsim, LV-VACC.

  9. Hello,

    I removed the file EVRA_CITY_EXC.bgl and some others including word "City", but still some part of Riga is flatten and not covered by FTX. Especially it's visible at night, where this part is also not covered by FTX lights.

    Please check this and let us know, which files have influence to the city of Riga.

    BTW: I can be good idea to create such option during the installation, because some people may not want to install the city, for example due to the framerates, which even currently are not good. At some other more complex airports my fps are much better and there are no stutters. Unfortunately nowadays at your scenery such stutters are palpable.

    Flickering and shimmering are also an unpleasent problem, especially at the terminal on the left side of stand 102.

  10. Piotr08:20

    any progress ?

  11. Yes, it is any..

  12. Piotr21:41

    Do you know when there will be an upgrade with further fixes or do I have to get used to the thought that I threw my money down the drain ?

  13. Hi Piotr, Nothing is in the drain and not suppose to be in the drain. I wish I had FS Development as my primary job so I would have done this in very short time period. But nevertheless Im working on the project and I could not escape with fixes only due to number of FS whimsicality.
    I understand that there is a feeling that project died, just because we do very little progress updates.
    At the moment all of I can say is that we do new airport layout with custom textures as well as new buildings.
    I cannot say when it will be ready for you to use again. I made mistake once promising it in few weeks then the time been expanded, so I got bad language in return.
    Honestly we want it to be done around Christmas time/New Year . Will it be at this time it is really hard to tell..

  14. Piotr10:33

    ok, I understand. Thank you for the info.

  15. Please let us know what is a current status?

    It's the end of January and we still have nothing despite the fact that we paid for your scenery a few months ago...

  16. Hi Martin,
    Would you like to see how much I have paid for development of Riga Scenery ? Later I will publish all of the bills from the beginning of development so your patience become good for good.
    Just for reference, I spent around 3000 GBP against 50 copies that made me 400 GBP (Avg. 16 Eur per copy). How do you think on who is more interested to get it back on and running on your machines ? You or me ?
    So, this is a current status.